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The aim of this website is to provide you with information as to the best possible way to achieve optimum space at the least cost and using the best materials for your attic conversions into living space.

The loft is now considered a viable living area and can be made into various types of rooms.
Attic Conversions Ireland

With growing families needing more space, the solution is to convert their attic space into extra living, gamesroom or bedroom area. There are many advantages to choosing such an option.
In this way, the increased the square footage area of the house without expanding the footprint.
If the conversion job is designed professionally and completed to a high standard, the result is a more spacious and comfortable home with an enhanced value.

The installation of an attic conversion is a complicated process, and whilst it may be possible to attempt a ‘DIY’ loft conversion, the large amount of work involved often results in many people choosing to contract a specialist attic conversion company to undertake the task.

Of course, attic conversions are not simple matters and not every house lends itself to being converted economically.
Many issues need careful consideration.

The first stage of any loft conversion is a close inspection of the attic space to find out its exact dimensions and whether conversion is feasible. On entering the loft one needs to establish if there is adequate room under the ridge of the roof. A measurement of 2.3 metres is required to allow enough headroom and there must be at least 2 metres clearance above the position of the access stairs. The roof should be checked for any signs that rainwater is entering the roof space. The appearance of dark stains on the roof rafters is a strong indication that this problem exists. Repairs to the roof must be carried out before starting on converting the loft.

Due to the slope of the roof and the required access headroom, the feasibility of a loft conversion is dependant upon a minimum height of approximately 2.3 m (7 ft 6 in) measured from the joist to the apex. Providing that this requirement is met, most properties will likely possess the potential to have the loft space converted.

This is what Attic Conversions Ireland sets out to do. We give you the information, point you in the right direction and offer impartial advice as to what is best for different situations.

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